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Tennessee Family Support

Tennessee Family Support Alliance Site Has Moved

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2 Responses

  1. This program has helped us along with several thousands of people all around our great state of Tennessee. We do not need to loose this program. It has helped so many people in need and the people with the special needs, such as chairs, lifts, home modifications, canes and walkers, wheelchairs, and many other needs. We need this program to be manadated to stay in force. We need for our government to keep the programs like this to help our people with these kinds of needs. So everyone needs to send letters, cards, and phone calls.

  2. We need to keep this program going on for as long as we have aging in our state. We live in McNairy County (Selmer) Tennessee. We are also members on the local council, in Jackson, Tennessee. Our coordinator is Elise McBride. A very smart and knowlrdgeable woman, and she has worked as a case manager in the state services. She knows how and what problems are out there and is guiding us, in making decisions of the seriousness of the needs. I know that I understand more about the needs and the wants that some are asking for. This county and all of the other countries, there are some very special needs. The needs are very real and this is what we have to look forward to as we age. Thank God for the programs and for the hellp we are asking for. Please keep this program going. We need it and so do the rest of the aging. God Bless to all that help and to those that are working to keep this program going.
    God Bless,
    Roy and Patsy Pierce

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